Beverly Hills Bosyworks By FaceLube
BHB Pack
BHB Shave Kit

Booster Packs (Starter Packs) - MSRP$75/Kit

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FaceLube created the Booster Pack 'What You See Is What You Get' Series in response to customer requests for results-based, high-end men's anti-aging products at a more affordable price point, as well as men who seek a more targeted product for their specific skin type.

The booster packs are also ideal for customers with normal skin and personal preferences for specific active ingredients, or product textures to incorporate into their skincare regimen. The primary active ingredients are absolutely top notch and just slightly less cutting-edge as the Premier Collection, in some cases, in lighter concentration, but the kits still deliver powerful visible and sustainable results.

Cutting corners on the product was not an option for FaceLube, so to help keep costs down, the Booster/Starter Packs are half size and come in basic/functional packaging Automotive Analogy - Think of Premier Collection as the Rolls Royce & Ferrari of Men's Anti-Aging Skin Care. Booster Packs have BMW and Cadillac equivalent engines without the luxury car chassis.


Beverly Hills Bodyworks & Grooming Company (BHBGC)

The Beverly Hills series of men's anti-aging starter packs are formulated for men who want targeted products for their skin type and still reap the rewards of an effective anti-aging regimen.

BHBGC Men's Anti-Aging Skincare Pack Editions:

  • Saddle Edition for Sensitive Skin
  • Safari Edition for Dry Skin
  • Sunflower Edition for Uneven Tone/Dark Spots/Pigmentation
  • Marine Edition for Normal Skin


BHBGC Sensitive Skin Edition

Growth factor rich anti-aging formulation, restores dull and sensitive skin, protects fragile skin and delivers results.

BHBGC Dry Skin Edition

Active rich kit provides powerful anti-aging action, extra moisturizing and fortifying for dry and fragile skin.

BHBGC Dark Spot Edition

Formulated with the latest technology in spot/pigmentation/tone correction, the active ingredients in each step of this kit is designed to supplement and enhance the next step to deliver visible, sustainable results without controversial chemicals. Hydroquinone free, eco-friendly.

BHBGC Marine Edition

Destined to be a user favorite, this set is an anti-aging powerhouse and active-rich cocktail formulated primarily from deep sea extracts and marine-based active ingredients.


Lucky Dragon 888 - Normal Skin

Get Lucky in Business, Get Lucky in Life, Get Lucky in Love! The dragon is the symbol of power, wisdom and luck in both western and eastern cultures. The number '8' and the color red are the quintessential symbols of Prosperity and Power in Asian cultures.

Targets mitochondrial nourishment and protection to combat aging skin. Apple stem cells and rice-derived peptides for super moisturizing and cell renewal.


Not Your Father's - Normal Skin/Gluten Free

Restore youthful skin by optimizing cell function, made possible through a series of high-tech interactions between the primary active ingredients of this set Anti-aging performance not previously available to our parents' generation. That's the power of scientific research and progress!


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Which Lube Is Right For Me?

There are many different skin types and at FaceLube we have created a variety of different anti-aging skin care formulas specifically made for those skin types. Here you find the best product for your skin type. Don't forgot about our natural sunscreen that's perfect for ALL skin types!