"Fortune Favors The Bold" - Alexander the Great

Retail Partners

Automotive industry partners interested in becoming a FaceLube® dealer to provide added value to your current customers, attract new customers, and keep them coming back for more by taking advantage of FaceLube's cross promotion opportunities to help you market your core automotive products and services, please contact us for our easy turn-key program and dealership information. There is no risk! You provide the space and FaceLube® will do the rest! Let us Show You the Money!

Beauty Industry

Progressive-thinking beauty companies looking to expand your brand through the 50,000+ premium mainstream stores in the USA alone within the exclusive FaceLube® distribution channel, cross promote with world class automotive brands, and get your product in front of 1.5 million potential US buyers per day - please get in touch with us and let's talk about working together! Get on the Fast Track - the Patented FaceLube® Marketing System is your ticket to becoming a household brand in the USA and globally.


The Beauty Industry's Multi-Billion Dollar "Man" Problem can be your once in a life time opportunity. Men's grooming, men's skin care and men's anti-aging face creams segments are exceptionally high growth consumer products sectors. Remember the visionary pioneers of Apple®, Amazon®, eBay®, Facebook®, Google®, Microsoft®, and Groupon® when they were just start-up's gathering momentum - would you have liked to get in on the ground floor before they became household names? The FaceLube® Marketing System with 150+ issued and pending patents in the USA and all major markets globally is an investment opportunity of the same caliber and more. Contact us and let us show you how you can make a fortune!

Contact us for a sample listing of premium retail locations globally within the FaceLube® network.

In the meantime, check out the FaceLube®Blog to learn about the "Three Common Ingredients of a Missed Opportunity" and Top 10 Tech Company Blunders in "The Beauty Industry and Missed Opportunities: Heart Breaking Lessons From the IT Sector - Starting with Yahoo!, Xerox and Compuserve".

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