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Official & Exclusive Celebrity Kit Of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2012-13 Season)

SUPER CHARGED High-Performance Three Step Men's Anti-Aging Skin Care

Excellent All Purpose Kit For Tired/Fatigued Skin

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It's like the finish on your car. If you keep it free of old buildup wax, bird droppings and road debris, you'd keep it looking good year after year. Pick the right cleaner, so you don't strip it so much that you damage the clear coat finish. You wouldn’t use a tire cleaner on your fine leather seats, think twice before using soap or all purpose body wash all over the most delicate part of a masculine face.

STEP 1 CLEANER (3.4 OZ): Innovative anti-aging cleaner is powerful and gentle cleaning without drying, irritating and stripping the face of natural moisture. An integral part of proper men's grooming regimen.

WHY IT'S GOOD: Because the masculine face builds up dirt, grime and dead cells, he’d want to clean it away to prepare his face for Nutrition and a close shave. The Cleaner breaks up embedded dirt, grime and thick skin debris.Lucky Dragon 888 - Cleaner Step 1 It soothes, nourishes, tightens and conditions. It's the best face wash cleanser for men.

The masculine facial skin has very different needs and texture than his hair and the rest of his body parts. Common soaps strip his face of natural moisture, leaving it dry and prone to wrinkles. Free from controversial chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS/SLES).

HOW TO USE: 3.4 oz / 100 ml. Concentrated. About dime size per use, twice daily AM/PM. For all skin types. MADE IN USA.


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It's like a car just after an automatic transmission fluid exchange. The cleaner helped to loosen the dirt and grime that built-up in the torque converter, and flushed them out along with all that oxidized used fluid. Now that the transmission is clean, you'd want to top it off with fresh new fluid - the basic nutrient that keeps your transmission shifting in high gear. The Treatment is like a high-end synthetic fluid for your car.

STEP 2 TREATMENT (1 fl. OZ): Simplicity at its best. Advanced formulation that utilizes a high concentration of highly prized cutting edge anti-aging active ingredients and plants with complementary properties. Absorbs quickly and highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. The product texture is light, ultra smooth, non-greasy. The skin feels tight yet supple after use. One of the best anti-aging face creams for men in the FaceLube line-up.

WHY IT'S GOOD: It’s Nutrition for the Masculine Face. Lucky Dragon 888 - Treatment Step 2Now that he’s gotten rid of the gunk and junk on his face, he’d want to feed it proper nutrients. Treatment minimizes fine linesand wrinkles by helping to restore the skin’s natural balance, rebuild collagen and elasticity, repair past damage and strengthen it against further environmental and free radical assaults.

HOW TO USE: 1 fl. oz / 30 ml. Highly Concentrated. About pea size per use, twice daily AM/PM. For all skin types. MADE IN USA.


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The Protectant is like a high-performance additive package, or booster for your car's transmission or engine. It works in conjunction, or complements the fresh new synthetic transmission fluid or motor oil that went into your car after an automatic transmission fluid exchange or engine flush service to help protect against future wear and tear.

STEP 3 PROTECTANT (1 fl. OZ): Powerful Super Cocktail of cutting edge anti-aging active ingredients, advanced amino acids, botanical neuropeptides minimize wrinkles, target crow's feet around the eyes, forehead and laugh lines to produce visible long term wrinkle reduction. Promotes firmer and healthier skin.

WHY IT'S GOOD: FaceLube - Protectant Step 3This is no ordinary face cream for men. It's Protection for the Masculine Face. Protectant works in conjunction with Treatment. The active ingredients in the Protectant are complementary to the Treatment. The Protectant helps further strengthen the skin's innerstructure and seals in moisture. For facial use, it's the best moisturizer lotion for men.

HOW TO USE: 1 fl. oz / 30 ml. Highly Concentrated. About pea size per use, twice daily AM/PM. For all skin types. MADE IN USA.


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The ingredients used for FaceLube Premium are of the highest quality. Cutting edge technology combined with a state of the art formula makes the FaceLube Premium Premiere Collection one of the best Men's Anti-Aging Face Care Prodcuts in the world. For a detailed overview of what's in FaceLube Premium and why, click here.