FaceLube Story

Explore this page for the fascinating FaceLube® Story

Meet the people behind the Story, find out what inspired the FaceLube® concept, and what motivated FaceLube's commitment to all the Masculine Men out there who Refuse to be Feminized! Check out the "Confessions of a Secret Men's Skincare Shopper".

The FaceLube® Story Video

Fascinating three-part video on the Evolution behind the FaceLube® Revolution. Get up close and personal with the Founder of FaceLube®.

About Our Founder

All about our Founder and her extra-curricular activities.

What Drives Us - The FaceLube® Difference

FaceLube's pledge to masculine men who refuse to be feminized. For more about the Beauty Industry's systemic campaign to feminize men, check out "Beauty Industry Secrets Exposed".

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property behind FaceLube®.

What Is FaceLube®: FAQ

Answers the most pressing questions you have about FaceLube®.

Straight Talk About Masculine Face Care

Answers every question you ever want to know about the FaceLube® line of masculine men's grooming, men's skin care, men's anti-aging mosturizer lotion and men's anti-wrinkle face creams.