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FaceLube is the beauty industry's only One-Stop-Shop for men's anti-aging skincare:

Extensive and unrivaled selection of results-based men's anti-aging skincare products to suit

every skin type, personal preference, and budget.

You can get your FaceLube® here with a few clicks, or while you're doing something manly - like getting your oil changed and brakes done at your favorite automotive hang-out or dealership. If you are a newbie to masculine men's anti-aging and face care, or new to FaceLube®, we suggest that you start with a kit. If you already know what you need, head over to the Parts Department.

Don't waste time reading labels in the women's beauty aisle at the drug store. You don't need department store beauty counters either - enough with the pressure selling and 'beauty creams' for chicks. And forget sorting through millions of webpages to find the right products for you - masculine men haven't the time for that!

The FaceLube® line-up all pack a lot of horsepower and will all deliver results! Easy to use and straight forward for newbies and ol'timers alike. They all use a wide range of the latest anti-aging innovations, so instead of standard brakes and regular tires, it's more Anti-Lock Brake Systems and Run-Flat Tires. The difference between each kit comes down to personal preference - the combination of ingredients, texture/viscosity, scent and budget.

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FaceLube Premier Collection - MSRP$180/$230/Kit

The Ultimate High-Performance Anti-Aging Skincare Line For Men

This ultra high-end, eco-friendly collection utilizes the latest and best science-based anti-aging technology and super-botanicals to deliver sustainable results. When only the best in masculine anti-aging technology will do, look no further than FaceLube's Premier Collection

  • ArtSciMEN
  • Camelot
  • FaceLube Germany
  • FaceLube Premium
  • Liquid Armour

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Celebrity Series - MSRP$45/$75/$150/Kit

VO Victor Ortiz By FaceLube

Only the best will do for 'Vicious' Victor Ortiz! Built from the ground up for a boxing champion to deliver a series of knock-out punches to target multiple signs of facial skin aging. Solid, high-performance formulation is excellent for athletes and men with active life styles, whether your arena is the center of a stadium, or in front of a gaming console

  • VO Victor Ortiz
  • VO Platinum
  • VO Classic

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Booster Packs (Starter Packs) - MSRP$75/Kit

FaceLube created the Booster Pack 'What You See Is What You Get' Series in response to customer requests for results-based, high-end men's anti-aging products at a more affordable price point, as well as men who seek a more targeted product for their specific skin type

The booster packs are also ideal for customers with normal skin and personal preferences for specific active ingredients, or product textures to incorporate into their skincare regimen. The primary active ingredients are absolutely top notch and just slightly less cutting-edge as the Premier Collection, in some cases, in lighter concentration, but the kits still deliver powerful visible and sustainable results.

Cutting corners on the product was not an option for FaceLube, so to help keep costs down, the Booster/Starter Packs are half size and come in basic/functional packaging. Automotive Analogy - Think of Premier Collection as the Rolls Royce & Ferrari of Men's Anti-Aging Skin Care. Booster Packs have BMW and Cadillac equivalent engines without the luxury car chassis.

Beverly Hills Bodyworks & Grooming Company (BHBGC) Editions:

  • Marine/Dry/Sensitive/Pigmentation
  • FaceLube
  • Lucky Dragon 888
  • Not Your Father's

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Beverly Hills BGC - MSRP$45/Kit

'Tough on Wrinkles, Easy on Your Wallet' (TM)

The Beverly Hills BGC Special Edition Kit is the latest addition to the FaceLube family. Affordably priced and beautifully packaged, this Special Edition set makes an excellent gift for customers looking for a more traditional product design. As with all FaceLube products, this kit is eco-friendly and formulated to deliver results. The contents are similar to the FaceLube Classic edition below.

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Value Line - 'Base Model'- MSRP$45/Kit

'Tough on Wrinkles, Easy on Your Wallet' (TM)

The value line is FaceLube's 'base model' ideal for customers who are looking for a low price alternative to the signature FaceLube Premier Collection & Booster Packs. The value line is formulated to deliver results even though it does not have the variety and concentration of active ingredients in the Premier Collection and Booster Packs. The FaceLube value line is the best, most effective and eco-friendly men's anti-aging skin care product in its retail class.

  • FaceLube Classic
  • VO Classic

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Which Lube Is Right For Me?

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