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Hello - My Man's Man Contest

Hello, Ladies. This message is for you! Is your man, a Man's Man? If you know he is, nominate him to win a contest for a chance to star in an upcoming live action episode of The Adventures of FaceLube® Man. Look for contest rules on this page. Sorry, gentlemen, only a woman can nominate you, because the women in your life are the perfect judge of whether or not you are a Man's Man.

General Contest Rules

  • Only a woman can submit an entry for her man, because the women in his life are the perfect judge of whether or not he's a Man's Man.
  • Send us a picture or YouTube video (include the link in your message) of the Man's Man with his favorite FaceLube® kit.
  • Write a paragraph stating why the nominee is a Man's Man and just why he deserves to win.
  • Winner will star in an upcoming live action web video series "Adventures of the FaceLube® Man."
  • Winner receives free round trip ticket and hotel accommodation to the production studio and/or on location to where the video shoot will take place. Plus, winner will receive a One Year supply of his choice of any of our premium kits at no cost to him.
  • Entries will be decided by FaceLube® management.
  • Both the entrant and nominee must be 21 or older to participate in this contest. No purchase necessary.
  • Each entry will automatically receive a 15% off coupon redeemable on

Enter Your Man Here!