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FaceLube Natural! Silicone Free Anti-Aging Sunscreen For Men


- If you hate the plastic-like, chemical smell, or fruity cover-up flavors of common sunscreens and the chalky, oily gunk it leaves on your face, then this one's for you.

- Simply The Best Anti-Aging Sunscreen In the World.

- Formulated With The Latest Anti-Aging Sunscreen Tech On the Market!

- No Silicones, Oxybenzones, Parabens, Phthalate, Gluten, Perfumes, nor other controversial chemicals.

Just like the finish on your car, the masculine face needs extra protection against free radical damage generated by UV exposure. The FaceLube® Anti-Aging sunscreen is the latest technology and finest quality natural anti-aging sunscreen available on the market.

Go ahead. Take a test drive. Our users took it on a long hike under the powerful desert sun and marveled that while their gears were hot, their skin actually felt cool to the touch, thanks to FaceLube® Natural's superior blockage of the sun's intense rays.

Tested and Approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

MSRP$30.00 (Currently on Back-Order)

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Men's Natural Beeswax Lip Balm

Great for keeping those manly lips soft and kissable. Enriched with sunflower seed oil and peppermint


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Harem Cologne For Men

The secret sauce behind FaceLube® Germany that makes the man wearing it popular with the ladies. Subtle. Sexy. Confident. Built for a Man's Man®. Made In Germany.


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Anti-Aging Hand & Neck Cream

At FaceLube we know that the signs of aging are not limited to the face. Our Anti-Aging Hand & Neck Cream provides the same level of protection and anti-aging properties found in all of our premium face creams. Built from the Ground Up For a Man's Man®.


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mug set

The Ultimate His & Hers Mug Set!

For Him - Man's Man®

For Her - Goddess®

FaceLube® is proud to extend our commitment to quality to this gorgeous set! We scoured the industry for top notch suppliers of quality drink ware worthy of the Man's Man and this one caught our attention. This set comes from one of the largest suppliers of high quality drink ware in the USA!

MSRP$20.00/each, $35.00/Pair

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The Perfect Gift For The Man's Man!

Very Handsome dark burl wooden cigar box. High gloss enamel finish, Spanish cedar and felt lined

  • Excellent keepsake box for cuff links, prized watches or pens
  • Convertible to fully functional humidor
  • Case size 9" x 8.4" x 2.25"

Gorgeous on any desk or dresser, sure to please the most discriminating masculine man!


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VO Dog Tags

Specially designed for the Boxing Champ 'Vicious' Victor Ortiz!

- Solid Stainless Steel construction, comes with 20" ball chain

- 3 Versions Available


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