FaceLube User Reviews

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Well this product is amazing!

I love the little kit's design and look. My husband was excited to use this product, and actually did use it. usually he just rinses with water. He has amazing skin already- so I expected it to break him out. But it didn't! I think he felt fancy using such an expensive product to be honest. The bottles are rather cute and not cheap looking, so I didn't put them in the closet as I usually do our products. I think honestly, the price is very steep. For us it is anyway. If you have the kind of money to blow upwards 200$ on this product I say go for it. It's worth it. That's the kind of money I have spent in the past on microdermabrasions & chemical peels.The products definitely have that manly look and feel to them and left him smelling very fragrant. I love a heavy fragrance on a man, so it did not bother me in the slightest!


Does what it says and more

I can't say enough good stuff about this product. It truly does what it claims! It leaves my skin perfectly balanced and tight feeling. Never a greasy residue like with many facial products. I had a few dark sun spots above my right temple and over a 3 month period of time, they faded and faded and are now gone. Must be something at the cellular level working with this product. I've received countless questions and comments from coworkers about how I look younger too.

My facial skin used to always have a dry, aged look to it and after just the first few uses, I noticed a HUGE change in the quality of my skin tone. Perfectly balanced comes to mind. And as I always say...."any and all advantages" and this presents a huge advantage if you want your face to look awesome. Worth every penny and then some. I just ordered my third set and will continue to use this product for the rest of my life! Thanks Facelube!


Great for men and women!

“The results were impeccable. A few more uses and it was like he was a new man . . . “


The best men's skin care product I have tried

This is my second order. I have tried numerous skin care products prior to discovering the FaceLube product. Most products that I've used are either too greasy or too dry and not too much effect noticed. The FaceLube cream goes on smoothly yet not greasy. I am a side sleeper and the last thing I want is to have all the face cream wind up on my pillow. The product "dries" on the skin in a matter of minutes but there is no sense of any dryness. In fact your face feels nourished and you have this sense of confidence that "something" is working on your skin. I must admit in the beginning I was a little skeptical. But after about 4 weeks, I have noticed the puffiness under my eyes is subsiding a bit. After 2 months, the overall condition of my face improved. I used to have quite a bit of age spots of various sizes through out but now some of the spots seem to "lighten" up a little. The wrinkles in the area to the rear of my eyes seem less pronounced. My wife was the first to notice I am "looking" younger. I am 61 years old and I know no product out there is going to make me look like 30 or 40 again. But with FaceLube, I know I can look my best which gives me a positive attitude toward everyday life and that is most important.


Auf Weidersehen, Wrinkles!

The three-step system (components can also be purchased individually) utilizes some pretty kick-ass ingredients, too. Like Caviar. Caffeine. And one that makes us really moist: Damask Rose Oil. (Seriously, it’s a moisturizer.)

After using this product, we completely understand the name. The anti-aging cleanser feels like nothing else we’ve ever put on our face on purpose. It’s super-slick, yet not greasy at all. It really feels like it’s making us look younger almost immediately. Too bad there aren’t others in the shower as often as we’d like to witness this phenomenon.

The full system utilizes fancy science to make your skin work for you, not against you. Even better, it’s free of chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (quite possibly the name of a contestant on the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race). And it’s so concentrated that it can last for months if used as directed, making it really is a good value for the results it delivers.


Appears to be working

I have using the kit for 10 days and I must say that it appears to be working. 55 year old male and I will continue use. Stepping up to twice daily now.


Awesome products, awesome customer service

I have ordered the FaceLube Germany kit twice now. Within a week of the initial use, my skinned looked and felt better. I have tried other products, some more expensive and some less expensive and have found FaceLube has made the most noticeable changes. An additional bonus in purchasing FaceLube products is the customer service. They are quick to respond and very friendly. With my last order, I didn't enter a promo code, and they automatically refunded me the difference. I didn't even know about the code until I saw the refund to my account. Also, they through in some extra goodies including sunscreen, lip balm and a full bottle of the one product. Overall, I can highly recommend FaceLube.


Excellent product

This is my second order I'm a outdoor guy never
used any lotions etc before except sun screen and with in 10 days u noticed a big difference in how my skin felt and the small lines shrunk. I would recommended FACE LUBE 100 %


Never Judge A Product By Its Packaging

Designed for both morning and evening use, FaceLube’s three steps include an organic cleanser, a damage repairing moisturizer and an additional lubricant designed to protect from further harm. The cleanser packs an impressive combination of skin-healthy oils and organic plant-derived extracts
that left my skin feeling smooth and grime-free. Faint smells of mint and citrus permeated the air, which only added to my enjoyment of the product.

Steps two and three, both moisturizers, work in conjunction with each other to repair past problems while preventing future damage from the elements. Both products absorb nicely into the skin, moisturizing without leaving the skin feeling greasy or oily. Living in Arizona, I have an added incentive to keep my skin moisturized in an attempt to ward off UV ray damage from the ever-so-prominent sunshine. These products afford a dual purpose –they keep me confident in how my skin looks while keeping it safe from the environmental effects around me.


Great investment

I was very skeptical about the Face Lube product, because I've never heard of it and there were few reviews at the time. After trying it out myself I am sold on it. I dislike anything with an odor. I'm allergic to the scents in typical men's skincare products. I used unscented men's moisturizer lotions before, but the chemical-like smell was a major turn-off. Face Lube smells great and clean. I have dry skin that gets flaky in the bitter winter cold. It's amazing to feel my face now, Face Lube absorbs quickly and my skin is soft to the touch. There was no greasy, oily film that I was accustomed to seeing from other brands. It's my own skin, just better. The lines on my face have improved dramatically. Even the clients I call on regularly are noticing the difference. The ladies specially are not shy about asking me what I'm using on my face. It feels good to say that I'm using Face Lube masculine face care and I'm still getting used to the sound of that. I like the way I look. Face Lube is absolutely worth the investment for me.


Skeptical at first

“No frills, no excessive labeling and it doesn't leave me feeling like the coined term ‘metrosexual’”


FaceLube is mysteriously awesome!!!

I have tried EVERY facial product imaginable. (men's and women's lines) I have not used FACELUBE every day. After two weeks of not having touched it, I decided to use the "system" before going out to dinner with friends. The waiter, who has seen me on numerous occasions, "jolted": When he saw mem he exclaimed, "Good Lord, I feel uncomfotable asking you this, but did you have a face lift?" I said "Of course....I spent a fotune last week on one." He replied "Boy, did it do wonders for you....you look terrific! I just can't believe how good you look. Geez...totally fantastic!" I told him I was just kidding and I used a product called FACELUBE. He was just astounded and wanted immediately the information on where to purchase it. This product is totally "CRAZY"....in one application friends (and the waiter) noticed a stunning improvement: "You glow!" "You look years younger!" "What did you do to your face?" And by the way, the FACELUBE customer service is just plain TOO CARING!!. Bottom line: these folk really give a damn about YOU....


Finally a product made for a man

Let me first start out by saying that I'm not your typical "beauty care" man that obsesses over my looks. That being said, I'm in my 40's and my care free younger days are starting to catch up with me, more noticeably that I'd like. My wife would give me subtle hints, bringing sample size creams from the beauty counter at the mall home for me to try. To be honest, I'm not into these types of products...too much fluff and too perfume-like for me. Last week she surprised me with the Face Lube Premium 3 step kit and their sunscreen, which is AWESOME. All I can say is FINALLY! Not only does it work but it is really made for a man, not repackaged and refragranced from a woman's product. Been using every day and I'm thrilled with how things look so far. This will be one of the gifts I'll be dolling out to my friends this holiday season. Oh yeah, I also loved the virtual test drives on the FaceLube site, and so does my wife.


Standard FaceLube Kit Review

I only use it 2-3x a week and I can see a difference. After a few weeks my skin became smoother and appears tanner (I'm not sure why, I don't go out in the sun). The product definitively lessens the appearance of lines and softens the skin on my face. Customer service is top notch; They are extremely friendly and responsive to emails.

Price. At 2-3x a week, steps 2 and 3 have lasted around 6 months (step 1 comes in a bigger bottle). I'm new to the whole skin care world so $100 for a step 2 and step 3 replacement every 6 months is a little bit of sticker shock.

Overall, I am very happy with the product itself. If it lasted a year I wouldn't feel hesitant in purchasing it every year as well as giving the product 5 stars.


Very pleased

Full disclosure - I am a friend of the company owner.

In a few weeks I will be 55. I have never been one to use anything but the bare essentials for grooming. I live in Montana and men's skin care is not usually something that comes up much in conversation.

When the product came out I wanted to support my friend. Additionally, I was just plain looking old or as they say "I had a high mileage face". I figured I had nothing to lose.

I am certainly not an expert in this area but I can say that I have had numerous comments on how much better and younger I look and I can assure you those were very welcome comments.

The people involved are "top notch" and very professional and I know how long they spent developing the product to make it the very highest quality.

I have been very pleased with the results and certainly recommend giving it a try.


I am 45 year old male

"I am 45 year old male. I used this well in advance of a class reunion. People were surprised I look so good. They say I haven't aged a day since the last reunion 10 years ago. I didn't use any other skin product on my face except facelube. "


Outstanding customer service

"Outstanding customer service. Helped me picked the right kit. I'm coming back for more next time."


Product as described


LOVE the products!

*** Note - This User is a Woman *** This skincare system is magnificent! The cleanser really smells fantastic. My skin feels amazingly smooth and refreshed, even after just a few days of use. I love how all of the products work so well together for such wonderful results.