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VO Victor Ortiz By FaceLube - What's In It & Why

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Primary Function:

Men's Anti-Aging, For All Skin Types.


Eco-Friendly • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free • Fragrance Free • Silicone/PEG Free • Made in USA & Germany

Results oriented, environment conscious formulation combines the latest science-based anti-aging active ingredients and natural super-botanicals

Primary Active Ingredients (VO Booster Pack & VO Platinum):

  • Resistem™ (Globularia Cordifolia Extract) - A New Technology Award nominee, this French developed active ingredient is an anti-ageing "bodyguard" of the skin. It helps skin to naturally decrease the level of pro-aging agents while reducing the toxin-induced micro inflammations. In vivo studies demonstrated its ability to soothe the skin, reduce redness, improve the evenness of the complexion and restore its natural glow.
  • Chromocare™ - HBA International Technology Award Finalist, this French developed active substance associates two plant extracts to form unprecedented anti-aging skin care based on chromophore mapping to give skin a fresher, younger look. Has the added benefit of reducing pigmentation and inflammation.
  • Renovage™ (Teprenone, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) - French developed pluripotent active ingredient able to act as a cell facilitator and corrector. Delays the skin's functional and structural aging.
  • Matrixyl®Synthe 6™ (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38) - a new member of the Matrixyl® range, this French developed active ingredient fills in wrinkles from the inside both on the forehead and the crow's feet for a visibly smoother and plumper skin. It's matrikine-like effect stimulates 6 major constituents of the skin matrix and dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) and ensures optimal architecture of the tissue.
  • Thiotaine® (L-Ergothioneine) - Natural antioxidant and amino acid, reduces TNF-Alpha, a stress signal cytokine and reduces inflammation. Increases fatty acids in mitochondria allowing higher efficiency in oxygen metabolism, therefore increasing energy level in cells.
  • Haloxyl™ (Steareth 20, Chrysin, N-Hydroxysuccinaimide, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) - French developed active ingredient reinforces firmness and tone of the eye area. Activates elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark under eye discoloration and local inflammation.
  • Spirulina Platensis (Phycocyanin) Extract - a blue-green algae with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in the oceans and alkaline lakes of Africa and South America.
  • Olivem® (Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate) - Italian developed olive oil derivative and combination of fatty acids that restore and maintain the integrity of skin barrier and provides self-emulsifying properties. Very high moisturizing effect, natural and PEG-free.
  • SymWhite™ (Phenylethyl Resorcinol) - Developed by renowned German based laboratory, one of the most potent non-toxic Tyrosinase inhibitors ever reported. Highly effective, patented skin lightener inspired by nature for reducing dark spots and evening out skin tone, has the additional benefit of an antioxidant.
  • DisaPore 20 (Lecithin, Lysophosphatidic Acid, Lysolecithin) - Unclog pores, reduces pore size, and improves skin texture.
  • Superoxide Dismutase - Naturally occurring enzyme, powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Removes oxygen free radicals caused by UV rays and environmental stress.
  • Lichochalcone (Glycyrrhiza Inflata Root Extract) - A natural phenol and antioxidant isolated from licorice root, inhibits excessive sebum secretion, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Salicylic Acid - Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) - exfoliates the skin to prevent pore clogging, stimulate new cell growth and reduces inflammation.
  • Celldetox® (Hydrolyzed Candida Saitoana Extract) - Purified yeast derivative reinforces cell detoxification by reducing the level of oxidized proteins and peroxidized lipids. Improves the surface skin condition.
  • Purisoft® (Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract) - Moringa seed peptide derivative helps to cleanse and purify the skin and protects against damage caused by environmental pollution.


  • Cleanser - 3.4 oz / 100 ml
  • Treatment - 1 oz / 30 ml
  • Protectant - 1 oz / 30 ml

Recommended Usage: Highly concentrated. Use once or twice daily AM and/or PM.

MSRP: USD$75/set Booster Pack (1/2 size starter pack) or $150/set Full Size Kit