what drives us

FaceLube® Respects and Celebrates Masculinity

This is what The FaceLube® Pledge is all about:

  • Engage men as men - and reach out to men on their terms, in their world, and in a manner that is aligned with their masculine nature.
  • Respect masculinity - FaceLube® says ENOUGH to the traditional Beauty Industry's antics at feminizing men. FaceLube® takes the message directly to men. No sneaking around his back in an attempt to get to him - by getting through the women around him.
  • Create products and packaging that masculine men are proud to own and talk to their 'buddies' about. FaceLube® does not use common beauty terms with female characteristics. And no fussing with artsy fartsy tubes and jars.
  • Design marketing campaigns and incentives that cater to masculine men, rather than neglect and humiliate them.
  • Educate men, in language that is familiar and acceptable to them, on the advantages of proper Masculine Face Care™, so they make smart, informed decisions and enjoy the results and benefits they expect.
  • Understand that masculine men have buying preferences that are categorically different from women, and creating an experience that fits those preferences.
  • Acknowledge that for masculine men, proper Masculine Face Care™ is not about vanity, and it's not about looking young - it's about looking good. It's about getting the edge and getting ahead of the competition.

Men: Wouldn't you rather take your business where you know that your masculinity is respected and celebrated?

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